App Instruction

Welcome to betacast! Betacast allows you to stream and to view video from the screen of device (screen mirror). The application supports connection by IP address within the local area network and over the Internet. This instruction is described short actions need to stream and view of your screen.

General Requirements

• Support IPv4 networks only
• Streamer and viewer devices must be connected to the same network if using a local network connection
• Need to forward the UDP port on the network router for the Internet connections
• Hardware accelerated H264 video codec

4K Ultra HD Resolution Requirements

• Display with 4K Ultra HD Resolution on streamer side
• Hardware accelerated H264 video codec with 4K Ultra HD support
• The final video stream resolution depends on the maximum resolution of your display

Steps for screen streaming

• Download and run betacast application on your device
• Make sure you have at least one network interface on your device and it is connected to the router
• Wait Streamer ready app status
• The current streamer configuration is placed on Streamer Configuration app page
• Now your are ready to accept incoming connection

Steps for screen viewing

• Download and run betacast application on your device
• Create new connection with the configuration provided from the streamer side device
• Select the created connection from the list and press Connect
• Wait end of the connection process
• Now your will view remote screen

What the application is support

• Streaming audio & video from your screen
• Playback audio & video on the side of the viewer
• Screen mirror and viewer in one application
• Secure connection with end-to-end encryption
• Display current streaming information
• Connection over Internet and local area network

What the application is not support

• Betacast is not DLNA™, UPnP™ Media Render or Media Server
• Betacast is not Apple AirPlay™ receiver or sender
• Betacast is not Google Chromecast™ receiver or sender