Local Network and Over Internet Connection

The app supports two types of connections: local area network (LAN) connection and over Internet connection. You can watch the video stream without leaving the local network. Just create a new connection inside the application, provide the streamer IP address, UDP port and go ahead! If you want to watch live video over the Internet – no problem, redirect the streamer’s UDP port on your network router and enjoy remote streaming.

4K Ultra HD Resolution & Low Latency

Betacast supports streaming video up to 4K resolution. The application automatically detects in which resolution the broadcast will occur. Betacast analyzes the resolution of your display and capture, the capabilities of your system, the maximum characteristics of the codec, as well as other parameters, and as a result decides on the required resolution of the video stream. Of course, there is also a manual mode and user can select the desired resolution of the video stream.

Audio / Video Streamer

Our system was designed to stream any content from device. We do not use video streaming from file or any other medium. We use device’s screen as original source to capture video content. Betacast allows your to stream audio / video signal. The streamer captures all content from your device screen and transfer to viewer device. The concept of capture whole device’s screen is allowed to watch any visual data on viewer side, this is universal streaming solution.

Audio / Video Viewer

Betacast combines the video viewing and the streaming functions. You can view videos from the desktop, camera, video files from your other devices. You can connect two devices across the planet via the Internet. Thus, you do not need to have two applications for these two different functions, it is enough to have one – betacast.

Secure Connection with End-to-End Encryption

Betacast connection is originally encrypted. At the stage of connecting the user, traffic is already encrypted. Each user has own session key, which is dynamically updated and is not stored anywhere: end-to-end (e2e) encryption method. When developing our system, we used the most modern encryption algorithms: RSA and AES. Today the e2e encryption technology is the most advanced in the world.